Achieve Health

For a child to Achieve their full educational potential their physical health and well-being must be addressed. This innovative program offers allied health specialist support in areas such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Hearing and Vision. Comprehensive advice and recommendations are provided, which helps support quality educational outcomes for all children.
These exclusive Achieve Health services are all included as part of your daily fee.  
Occupational Therapy
OT enhances a child’s performance in every day, age appropriate experiences. A child’s ‘occupation’ includes playing, learning, socialising and the role of being a child. Occupational Therapists can assist children with:
  • Achieving developmental milestones
  • Participating in everyday activities including meal times, toileting and dressing
  • Enhancing sensory processing skills for learning and development, including sensory sensitivities and motor planning
  • Developing age appropriate fine and gross motor skills
  • Developing play skills and forming secure relationships with peers and adults
  • A medical or developmental diagnosis that impacts on their development and skill acquisition
A focus on health and wellbeing
Speech Pathology
Our Speech Pathologists support children to develop age appropriate speech sounds and increase their understanding and use of language. Our speech and language offering includes screening, by request, for all children from 2 years. We offer support in:
  • Early language development
  • Speech sound delays/disorders
  • Language delays/disorders
  • Stuttering
  • Feeding/swallowing disorders
One in four children have a vision problem which may affect their ability to concentrate and understand in the classroom, so it’s important to get your child’s vision checked before they start school. While most vision screens look only at how clearly a child can see at distance, we work with specialists to provide a more comprehensive suite of vision tests which includes assessments of:
• Anterior eye health
• Visual acuity
• Eye movements
• Binocular vision (two eyes working together as a team)
Our Vision Specialists currently screen all 2 and 4-year-old children, and results are provided to each family via the Campus Director.
Sometimes children require additional support with their health and development. You might want to check your child’s hearing levels or determine if a vision problem exists. You may be curious about the development of speech and language skills.
 Throughout a child’s life, factors can arise that may impact their ability to hear. For example, a cold or ear infection may come and go but leave a residual blockage in the middle ear resulting in a mild or even moderate hearing loss. Although often temporary, such a hearing loss can remain undetected for several months. In that time your child hears the world differently. A Childs Speech will be softer, and the important cues in speech may be unperceivable to them. This can directly impact a child’s ability to develop speech and language skills simply because they cannot hear it normally. It can also have a significant impact on their ability to interact, enjoy and learn from the world around them. The aim of the hearing and balance screening performed is to identify hearing levels, the health of the ear drum and middle ear system as well as identify children with hearing loss or Otitis Media (‘Glue Ear’ or middle ear infection). We currently screen children once between the ages of 3 and 5 and this determines if your child’s hearing threshold is within a normal range. Recommendations will then be made if hearing concerns are identified.