Achieve Learning

Learning Success

Our goal is to stimulate the children at Li’l Achievers by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to facilitate a growing mind. We’ve created a play-based educational curriculum using the Australian Early Learning Framework. This advanced curriculum creates success in early learning and development.

One of the key factors that make Li’l Achievers unique is the curriculum which stems from learning the individual strengths, skills, and challenges that each child expresses throughout their early development. This allows your child to thrive because it gives them a curriculum based on the following goals:

  • Comprehensive language, literacy and communication education
  • Physical development, overall health, and general wellbeing
  • Creative art learning
  • Numeracy and problem-solving skill development
  • Technology and science
  • Social competency
  • Caring for the planet

To teach students these principles, we provide your child with a structured and play-based learning design that allows the child to explore his or her interests, strengths, and next steps for development and growth.

Aiming to Inspire for Years to Come

We know a child’s willingness and love of learning stems from his or her early exposure to education. That’s why the curriculum we offer, offers a wide range of experiences to engage with your child and stimulate that drive to continue learning. We do this through music, second language classes, technology integration, and much more.

Fostering a Love of Music

To encourage a love of music, we provide your child with ample opportunities to express themselves and explore music including through song, dance, movement, active listening, and through play. Our weekly music lessons encourage and strengthen a child’s ability to understand and process music while also encouraging early motor skill development, speech, rhythm, socialisation and group dynamics. They enjoy it while also learning and growing through it.

A Passion for Language

Communication is an essential skill and one developed very early on. As a part of Li’l Achiever’s curriculum, we provide weekly play-based programs that help encourage your children’s ability to speak and to encourage them to explore secondary languages as well.

Incorporating Technology

Technology is at the heart of learning and life today. It’s also a part of our development of a child’s skill. We aim to incorporate appropriate use of technology that enhances development and learning abilities. Children have access to structured play through iPads to support their learning in other areas.