Work with Us

The care and education of children are so important, that’s why we seek out qualified, professional, caring and passionate educators to be part of our team. We are looking for people who want a career not just a job, that’s why it’s our goal to promote a culture that supports and encourages one another, which in turn will create a fun and positive working environment.

We believe that our people are the heart and soul of Li’l Achievers and they are the reason the children will learn and grow. For that reason, as an organisation, we will invest in your future by providing support and resources as needed.

Having fulfilled, happy Educators and support staff at Li’l Achievers with access to the latest resources, infrastructure, training courses and programs will deliver enormous benefits to the children’s care and education.

Why you might like us:

  • We are a new and growing business
  • We are a local family that owns and operates the centre
  • We consistently invest in the latest technology and teaching methods available within the early childhood education and development sector
  • We actively invest in career growth and progression of our team members by providing paid training, a quality professional development program and financial support to pursue further studies and qualifications
  • We’re family friendly and believe in balancing work and family life – we offer an extra 8 hours on top of your leave balance. This way you can be there for all those special moments
  • We make a positive impact on the lives of children from our unique educational curriculum, music, language, and physical activity program through to our health screenings
  • We recognise team members for outstanding achievements. We don’t only have Li’l Achievers we have Big Achievers as well
  • We listen and take action on the issues that matter to you
  • We like to have fun, it is part of our success. We are a group of caring professionals with a colourful array of unique personalities, experiences and skills who together work as one team

We invite people to be part of Li’l Achievers who are willing to step up and be counted as the best!